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Things about being an adult I fail at


For my first post of my, ‘twenty five post challenge’. I figured we’d ease into this with something a little light hearted yeah? More often than I care to admit I ask myself, “Am I a grown up,or a grown child?” Not in the sense of a Peter Pan syndrome,just general daily …life? Some examples include, but are not limited to:

1.) what a fuse or a Breaker? – After a power surge(I lived in an apartment that was remodelled from a very old home. I love it. High ceilings,hardwood flooring and this gorgeous moulding) I was powerless. Obviously. I was advised to flip the breaker. Quite apparently, a quart of whiskey and me in a basement flipping switches wasn’t effective. I really like candles so instead of admitting defeat, I utilized said candles, channeled my love for little house on the prairie and went probably a month and a half without power.

2.) Oil is not gas, and a car needs both: When I was twenty-one I decided to spend the day shopping and seeing friends a couple of hours away from home. On my way home just after getting out of the city,I hear a massive boom. Huge black puff of smoke appears,sounds like a gunshot. I start bawling. Not in a damsel in distress way, but in an, “I don’t want to be in a Tupac song.” Kind of way. After way to much time and phone calls, a mechanic asks me when was the last time I put oil in the car? To which I replied that I put $20 in before I left. Blew the engine out of the car. Utter write off. My karma is now copious cabs.

3.)key chains are helpful: I lose everything. Debit cards, I.D cards,cell phones..keys. If not lost they are 99% of the time forgotten. One time in particular after closing the bar I co-owned for the night, my business partner left locking the door behind him while I was in the office finishing cash outs and bleh paper work. I realized I left my keys at my dads house and was locked in the building at 2 am. Now being locked inside a bar sounds like fun,but not when you just want to sleep,have to get a cab to go to your parents,wake them up, come to the bar to unlock you and then proceed home.

4.) To my surprise I had a kitchen:
I once went a full calendar year only cooking one meal in my apartment..it was Christmas,it was for my dad and I had to buy plates. Avoid that. You’ll save a lot of money, feel more energetic and sleep better. Pizza is like that beautiful boy that is bad for you that you know you need to give up,but its just so easy and good. Cut the cord. Keep it as a treat.

5.) I refuse to shower with my face to the shower head incase an axe murder decides my Vulnerability is a prime killing time.

6.) Filters: so apparently having a filter on what you say,spewing into the world is important. I beg to differ. I have little desire to censor myself,to conform to any preconceived notion or idea. Never to offend anyone,but from a genuine place of honesty. Be it right or wrong. However; having your heart and emotion in your face at all times doesn’t always work in your favour.