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Facebook hitting me in the heart part

Small rant yeah? Right. Okay,I LOGICALLY know,truly know that where Iam in life is where I want to be. I’m grateful to be me,to have my life and experiences. Also I will add that the grass is always greener. I know this…doesn’t mean that sometimes I’m allowed to question my Green thumb.

I understand how let dowon some must be,thinking that in the future (now) that there would be hovercraft as a main means of transportation. Why? Because I’m livid that Facebook has not evolved to read my mind and mood whilst scrolling my news feed. Jesus Christ.  Technology should be advanced enough to keep the bullshit at bay.  Harmless  scroll and its like a missile assault rifle going off in my face!  Baby here,engagement there. Oh hold on surprise wedding!

Now I know I sound bitter,I’m not. I genuinely am happy for these people as individuals. God almighty though. Buck up facebook. If I’m in yoga pants and eating piazza..alone. take a tad of bit of mercy. Wishful thinking..dillinsional really. App creators,if you read this feel free to take that idea. My treat.Image