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Let’s talk about sex…baby? I think I’m questioning this title now.

Heart to heart, Chit-chat time. Relavent  to all of beings walking on this sphere Aka earth. When you hear, “Sexual Health”,many things come to mind. It’s an umbrella ,nope..a   Pyramid. Yup,we’ll go with pyramid,of a word. The heart and real meat of the subject, comes from the foundation . Sexual health just being the peak. Psychology, respect and mutual consent, safe sex practices, heterosexual,homosexual, bisexual, pan sexual, Transgender,communication. All of these have many a sub-category,as Its SUCH a large part of the human experience.

Here’s a question. Why does Sexual Health education in schools and media platforms continue to be so limited? Safe sexual practices, condoms, STD/STI’s and reproduction. That’s about it When it comes to access. Why is every other facet of sexual health still to taboo for the dinner table? I mean we are talking about this  from a health and educational standpoint, not morals or beliefs in behaviour.

Take pornography for example: Many people’s first experience in the exploration of their sexuality is porn. Born from a natural curiosity,fear of talking or asking questions to parents. The result is the same. Personally, I enjoy watching pornography. I make informed decisions as an adult on what I watch. I see it from the standpoint of a film. I know the difference between reality and acting or fact and fantasy. This is there the problem is. 13 year old Lacey wouldn’t have had those critical thinking skills.

My Friend Sarah has come up with a solution, which is both practical and one of those things you think,”How the hell is this not already in place?!” Her idea? Informative  labelling and easy access links on pornography websites. Given the traffic generated by these sites,it is a fantastic way to give people much needed information on sexual health,help,and education. Below is a link to a petition I hope you all take the time to read and hopefully sign. People talk about making a difference, Sarah is in an effective healthy way. My hat goes off her amazing efforts past,present and future. Lets get behind this…no pun intended.