” Why did you start a blog?”

I’ve loved writing as long as I can remember. It’s the one time I feel like myself. My real authentic self. I’ve kept journals since I was 11. There were periods in my life that I didn’t write. I use the time gaps as brain post it notes. If I’m not writing Im shut off.
Day to day activities, poems,short stories,rants and more often than not reflection.

To be honest,I’ve kept everything over the years all with the goal of two Novels.Two novels I’ve wanted to write since..ever. I’m not engulfed in delusions of grander. I just want to have them published. One copy each,for me. To see and hold this life long dream in a tangible form? Total dream.

So with that background in mind the reason I started this blog was to break out of the comfort zone I’am and have been in. To put something,feelings,thoughts opinions out there and let go. Who the fuck am I? What’s so interesting about me that I feel you should read this? I don’t. I’d never be that arrogant. However, If you do and by some sort of energy pull relate to,be comforted by or have a thought sparked ,than it was worth word vomiting over the Internet.


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